Why You Need In A Building Quote?

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Why You Need In A Detailed Building Quote?   Our team have been renovating homes around Perth suburbs for the past 7 years. Today I want to share some of this knowledge with you and talk to you about why you need a fully detailed proposal from a builder to make an informed decision. THE FATAL MISTAKE

Building Selections – How To Get The Exact Home You Want

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Building Selections - How To Get The Exact Home You Want   We recently talked about the importance of planning when renovating a home. Next I want to go into more detail about YOUR input into the plan. And what you need to do to make sure you get the exact home you want. Renovating a

Experience Worry-Free Building With RUSCON Construction

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Our easy-to-use online management tool keeps everyone on the same page during your Perth home renovation. Organised, 24/7 access to selections, costs, photos, conversations, and more. Our online client portal keeps you in touch and well informed during construction of your new project. Building your new project is an exciting and important endeavour and we want the

How To Avoid Construction Chaos

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Completing a custom renovation is an enormous task and this critical question, that you must ask your builder, could be the difference between a smooth, enjoyable process and construction chaos! Did you know that the average home has more than: 250 square metres of plasterboard, 1,000 metres of electrical cabling, and 12,000 nails? Not only that, each building

Renovation Process – Talk To A Professional Builder First!

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WHY YOU NEED TO TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL BUILDER BEFORE HIRING AN ARCHITECT OR BUILDING DESIGNER   I'd like to explain why this process is so important when planning your next renovation project. Are you aware that over 45% of building designs don't come to fruition; you may ask yourself why? This is mainly due to the