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A home with outstanding kitchen is everyone’s dream. Everyone loves a kitchen which expresses who they are, what their passion is. Some may like classic, vintage atmosphere, while others may like a modern, elegant setup. Whatever your desire is, getting your dream kitchen to exact perfection is quite a challenge.

Kitchen, the heart of the home!

At RUSCON we cater to the home design and renovation requirements in Perth. We have several experts and professionals working with us, who specialise in interior design and modern architecture. Together with them, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, ideas and desires to come up with the perfect kitchen design.

Perhaps you may be having a vague idea of what sort of a kitchen renovation or any other homeware utility you want. It’s not always easy to explain to another what you really need. Our professional consultants are there to help you articulate your vague idea in to a specific requirement that we can work on together. With our friendly and reliable service, we can help decide what’s best for your lifestyle, taste and preferences. Whether it be the hard decision of a colour theme or an architectural style, we can help you do that.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. From the time you come to us with an kitchen renovation idea, to the time we deliver the end product at your home, we work closely with you to make sure that we won’t go wrong in fulfilling your dream. You are always welcome to give us suggestions and feedback at any time to make sure the final output is exactly as you dreamt.

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Talk to RUSCON Construction so that you can get your custom kitchen renovation under way and work with us to make sure you get the exact kitchen you paid for. Download our FREE Guide with all of the 15 critical questions to ask before selecting your Custom Kitchen Renovation Specialist so you can enjoy your renovation as much as your new home.

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