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This will depend on the stage you are at with your drawings and design. When Concept Designs are completed as part of our process, we prepare a Preliminary Building Proposal at no cost.

We have different options available to get you all the way from Concept Designs through Council submission with a seamless and efficient process.  Call us now to discuss which option suits your project best.

In simple terms yes, without plans drawn each builder will interpret your instructions differently, hence the huge difference in price from each builder’s quote.

Builders have to apply to the home warranty insurance to the amount used in the contract. We must also carry Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Cover. Most financial institutions will ask the builder to supply this documentation prior to approving the finance.

You can carry out License searches via the Building Commission website over the internet, or for a small fee, you could get a thorough search carried out.

Our service includes preparation of drawings by multi-skilled, highly experienced designers; we can prepare initial concept drawings for a small fee, provide the complete service from Concept to Construction Drawings or we can work with drawings provided by your architect.

RUSCON Construction lodge the building application along with other documentation.

We use WA MBA or HIA Residential Building Contracts, including the specifications.

Your tender price will only change if an allowance has been made for an item in the contract and you go over that allowance. Also, any selection item that you upgrade when finalising your selections may incur an extra cost. You will always be notified of an increase and we will never proceed with any changes that incur extra costs without your electronic approval via our online client portal.

Engineers carry out inspections at the early stages inspecting such things as foundations, slabs, structural steel work and masonry walls. Once this stage is over then the Building Certifier inspects the frame and final completion stages. It should be also noted that both of these professionals aren’t engaged to supervise the building works, that’s up to the Builders Supervisor.

We use cutting edge technology that keeps you up to date with your renovation schedule every step of the way. Our online client portal allows you access to all of your job information including your very own calendar which will inform you of what is happening on each day of your renovation.

You will also have regular contact with the Builder to ensure you are receiving the best possible service.

Yes, if have moved out of your home during your renovation you are able to access the site with the expressed permission and accompaniment of an authorised representative from RUSCON Construction. We adhere to a strict safety policy with all of our tradespeople, suppliers and visitors to site. It is imperative that this policy is adhered to throughout the construction process.

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