Building Selections – How To Get The Exact Home You Want


We recently talked about the importance of planning when renovating a home. Next I want to go into more detail about YOUR input into the plan. And what you need to do to make sure you get the exact home you want.

Renovating a home used to be easy. You’d choose a builder and a design… and that was about it.


But today, you have so much more choice. In fact, you have almost infinite choice… which can be both good and bad.

For example, what sort of toilet do you want for your home? At first this may seem like a simple decision. But when you are faced with a range of 50 or more toilets (yes, toilets!), things can get pretty confusing.

What about baths, showers, floor coverings, paint colours, light fittings, bench tops and doors. And that’s before you even start to think about kitchen appliances. Are you starting to feel overwhelmed, well don’t be?

To make things even harder, designs and models change all the time. Updated models and new colours may even be available before construction is finished.


For example, although you may have already chosen your bath, a new model may catch your eye. This may cause you to rethink your taps. And your shower head.


Don’t worry. We spend time helping you make these choices – explaining the differences in products and putting you in touch with the best suppliers who stock all the latest designs and models. Our online project management system has all of your selections available 24/7, including detailed quotes from our suppliers, so you know exactly what you have chosen is being installed. And because we work to a ‘building plan’ you’ll know when you can and can’t make product substitutions along the way.


Talk to RUSCON Construction so that you can get your custom renovation under way and work with to us make sure you get the exact home you paid for. Download our FREE Guide with all of the 15 critical questions to ask before selecting your Custom Renovation Builder so you can enjoy your renovation as much as your new home.

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